I am a PostDoc at Queen Mary's University of London, working with Dr. Lorenzo Botto on ERC Project FlexNanoFlow. This project involves modelling the hydrodynamic interaction of 2D nanomaterials such as graphene or boron nitride in flow with for application in processing of 2D nanomaterials, nano-ink jet printing and polymer reinforcement.

I did my PhD thesis at the University of Bristol on ``Wetting transitions with thin films and contact lines'', supervised by Prof. Jens Eggers.,  School of Mathematics.

Materials such as graphene are opening up a new era of engineering challenges. By applying mathematical solutions to resolve these challenges, we have the opportunity to create world leading technologies such as improved energy storage devices or stronger and more robust materials. My aim is to apply mathematical modelling to engineering challenges relating to soft particles or vesicles in liquids, thin-films and contact lines with an aim to create testable models for advance in industrial application. For example, an understanding on the characterisation over the state of aggregation, shape or orientation of 2D nanomaterials in flow could identify new methods to produce the particles on a bulk industrial scale.

My research interests involve: 

Singularities and thin films

  The moving contact line problem


Graphene hydrodynamics

  Boundary element methods

  Flexible sheets in Stokes flow